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wpc production line

What is WPC and how can it be recycled?

Unlike mineral rubble, requiring an expensive disposal process, WPC is fully recyclable and can be retransformed in a new product at low cost. After use, WPC can be recycled, extruded and converted into a new product.

What are WPC profiles?

Cheap, resistant and completely recyclable, WPC represents a new frontier in the field of buildings and industry materials, with a variety of applications. WPC Profiles are used in common applications such as decking, furniture and kitchens.

Why choose bausano for WPC?

Bausano also produces systems for the manufacture of WPC granules, which in turn can be transformed in finished product through molding or extrusion. Bausano builds extrusion lines suitable for the production of WPC granules with high-quality mechanical features, starting from renewable raw materials selected for environmental protection.

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